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Usual start time is 7:30pm

Bring a little extra for a CD

BYOB (DD recommended)

BYOF (snacks and coffee at intermission) 


Ron Campbell - A SkinnyOld White Man, Who Sings The Blues Sept 2002-Our 1st Concert -

Ron Irving- Mar 2003

Gary Comeau - Apr 2003

Al Foreman -Sept 2004

Al Foreman - Sept 2005

Al Foreman - Jun 2007 (Doug's Retirement)

Al Foreman -  November 2007

Carlos del Junco Apr 2008 

Ray Bonneville June 2008 

David Essig and Chuck Brodsky July 15th 2008 

Bill Bourne&Madagascar Slim  Sept 11th 2008 

Po Girl Sept 16th 2008 

Garnett Rogers - Tuesday Oct 14th 2008 

Steve Poltz Mar 29th 2009 

Lynn Miles - April 2009 

Rick Scott & David Essig  Sept 21st 2009

Undesirables & David Ross MacDonald Oct 6th 2009

Anais Mitchell & Jeffrey Foucault  Tuesday March 30th 2010

Suzie Vinnick and Rick Fines  Monday May 17th 2010

John Mann  Saturday May 29th         

Ray Bonneville  September 2010

Corin Raymond & Jonathan Byrd  Saturday March 19th 2011

Valdy  Thursday, April 28th 2011 

Claudia Nygaard Saturday June 12th 2011 

Martyn Joseph Sept 14th 2011

Headwater  September 25th 2011 

Tom Landa & Kalissa Hernandez  Thursday Oct 13th 2011

Carlos del Junco & Rick Fines  

Stephen Fearing  Tuesday May 29th 2012 

Danny Schmidt & Carrie Elkin  July 11th 2012  

John Lilly Sept 12th 2012

Corin Raymond & Cr Avery Sept 18th 2012

Chuck Brodsky Jan 13th 2013

Dala Jan 26th 2013

Dave Gunning Feb 13th 2013

Scott Cook Trio May 30th 2013

Jack Williams June 14th 2013

Al Foreman July 6 2013 Birthday Party

Ray Bonneville July 10th 2013 at the Old Crow in North Delta

Daniel Champagne & Reid Jamieson at the Old Crow in North Delta Sept 11

Linda McRae & Doug Lang Sat Apr 13th 2014

Stray Birds Tuesday May 20th 2014

Radoslav Lorkovic Saturday May 24th 2014

Al Foreman May 31st Birthday Party

C.R.Avery & Ben Rogers Wed June 18th at the Old Crow in North Delta

Lynn Miles Friday June 20th

Steve Poltz Friday Sept 12th at the Old Crow in North Delta

Red Moon Road Sunday Sept 28th

Russell deCarle Trio Sunday Oct 19th 2014

Reid Jamieson // Keith Bennett & David Sinclair May 24th 2015

Radoslav Lorkovic Sat June 20th 2015

Jonathan Byrd & Pickup Cowboys/ Corin Raymond opened Friday Sept 18th at the Silk Purse West Vancouver

Dave Gunning Sunday Sept 27th 2015

John Mann with Chris Ronald opening Friday November 13th 2015

Soda Crackers and Just Duets Sunday June 12th 2016

Martyn Joseph Thursday Oct 13th

Russell deCarle Trio Thursday Oct 20th

Paul Pigat Saturday Nov 5th 2016

Lance Canales with Rob Muir opening Sat March 18th 2017

Daniel Champagne Fri Apr 7th at the Old Crow in North Delta

Daniel Champagne & Chris Ronald Sat Apr8th

Eric Taylor Sat June 17th

Tanglewood Trio Sunday Oct 22nd 2017

Jim Byrnes with Simon Kendall Sat April 7th 2018, 2:00 & 7:30pm

Dave Gunning Wed June 6th 2018

Slaid Cleaves Sunday June 17th 2018

Martin Kerr Friday Sept 14th 2018

Lance Canales & the Flood Monday Oct 15th 2018

John Wort Haanam Trio Friday Oct 26th 2018